iQabinet Product Capabilities


Virtual Interview


iQabinet helps you identify all the types of documents and records you may want to maintain in your account

Finish Later


Set up the documents and records you have time for, and create “Finish Later” reminders for the ones you want to finish later

Auto Connect Institutions


Connect iQabinet with the accounts you have at financial, utility and telco institutions.  iQabinet will automatically retrieve your monthly statements

Load Documents


Attach a document, take a picture with your phone within the iQabinet site, email a document to iQabinet, use auto connect – all are ways you can load documents into your iQabinet account



Quickly search within your iQabinet account, to quickly find records, documents or information – search on any word maintained on any iQabinet card, or document name



Share as many or as few iQabinet cards with family members, advisors or business colleagues.  Share as “Manage”, where the other person can make updates or edits, or share as “View”, where the other person can see the records, document and information.

Belongs To 


Tag a “Belongs To” to each iQabinet card, so you can maintain records for yourself and others – and tag them accordingly, and then easily view only the iQabinet cards that belong to you, or that belong to another person

Storage Location


Tag iQabinet cards with a storage location, and then easily view all of them for a specific storage locations – for instance, be able to quickly view all of the records maintained in your safety deposit box



Archive iQabinet cards that you no longer need quick visibility to – they remain in your account, and will be visible when you search for them, but the default view will stay clean by hiding these iQabinet cards