Earlier this year Manilla users received disappointing news regarding its plans to end its service.  From speaking with many Manilla users, we know this was a big disappointment.

Some Manilla users may have found alternate solutions that work for them, we know many have not.  With the formal closure of Manilla on September 30th, a good alternative eludes many.

We want Manilla users to consider iQabinet.

We did not build iQabinet to be a “me too” of Manilla.  We set out to build a better application!   While we are not a replica of Manilla, we offer many similar capabilities – and we think many Manilla users that get to know us will love us.

We are inviting Manilla users to join iQabinet’s Beta program – and as part of this program, we built a really cool feature – a Manilla Statement Import!  You can directly import all of your statements that are currently in your Manilla account into iQabinet.

iQabinet is designed to be more than just the location you maintain your account statements.  We are the location you maintain all of your personal, financial and medical documents, records and information.  Basically, we want to help you put all of the paper you keep in your home office in one application

iQabinet is designed to automate the retrieval of your statements from your key providers (financial, utility …).  While this will work similar to Manilla, it will take iQabinet time to have the same number of connections as Manilla had.  We will have the most popular connections immediately, and we will continue to add more all the time

Unlike Manilla, following the Beta, iQabinet will be a paid service.   We believe one of the biggest reasons Manilla did not succeed is that it could not generate sufficient revenue with providing its service for free to users.  We have heard from countless Manilla customers that they would be willing to pay for the Manilla’s service, and we hope you will find iQabinet worthy of your hard earned money once we finish our Beta.

Welcome to iQabinet!

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