A simple question, and its where iQabinet’s journey began. I wouldn’t say it was the starting point for the idea of iQabinet, but it was the answer to this question that became the answer to our finding a new way for people to manage the important things in their life.

iQabinet’s beginning started a couple of years ago.  I was cleaning out my home office, putting all my important documents into  filing cabinets. I faced a problem – I ran out of space! I went to Staples, bought a few cardboard filing boxes, and filled them with all the older document. Of course, the irony of this whole effort was not lost on me!

I have spent most of my adult life helping people and companies use state of the art technology to address their business and personal challenges … and here I was, performing a manual task similar to what my parents and grandparents likely did to organize their important things, twenty, thirty, even fifty years ago! Somehow, technology had completely passed us by in the way we manage our important documents, records and information; for no good reason other than the challenge of creating a compelling product – an Intelligent Cabinet. Which led us to the question – would people want such a product?

We went around meeting many people, and the first question we asked was “Are you organized?”.  An innocent question, we never imagined would generate  emotional and passionate responses. Some people laughed, other people frowned, a few became defensive. The most colorful responses occurred when we asked about the organization of a person’s significant other!  To protect the innocent, we won’t post any direct quotes!

In this process we learned that regardless of the response, organization was something very personal … and people wanted technology to help them with organization.  And yet, everyone gasped in frustration in thinking how technology, with multiple computers, email accounts, and online accounts, makes organization, and specifically finding their important things frustrating and challenging. And that is when we knew we needed to build iQabinet … an Intelligent Cabinet where you manage all the important things in your life – your personal, financial and medical documents, records and information. Accessible from anywhere, at anytime. Shared with trusted advisors and family members.  Intelligent in working for you by automating document collection and organization, providing alerts, easily searching for anything, from anywhere, and always providing you one place to go to find things that are a few days, or many years old.

That is what iQabinet is all about, and that is why we created iQabinet!

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iQabinet is the simple, flexible and intelligent way to manage your important records

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